SOL Mondays – Birmingham, Alabama


You’ll LOVE SOL if:

You’re bored of your workout routine and are looking for something new to add in.
You’re feeling stuck creatively or emotionally.
You like to dance but aren’t crazy about people seeing you.
You enjoy loud music.
You don’t love to “exercise” but want/need a cardio workout.
You want to feel great about your own body.
You miss the nights out dancing with your girls!





SOL Dance Experience is an hour long, LIGHTS OUT, free-form dance session
for women of all fitness levels.




It’s about FREEDOM:

Because when no one – not even you – can see you, your inhibitions fade away.
When was the last time you danced like no one was watching?

No more self-consciousness, judgments or social worries.

In the dark, you’re free to move your body however you want or need to.

In a room full of women, you’re free to dance your dance with total abandon.


It’s about RELEASE:

Just an hour of SOL reduces stress, clears mental blocks, energizes your physical body, and lifts your spirits.

It’s about FUN:

Bored of your cardio routine? Part dance party, part workout – we play a mix of eclectic dance tunes (changes weekly) designed to get you moving in different ways to different beats. It’s not your typical “workout”.

It’s about EXPRESSION:

We provide you a safe place to express yourself at your own pace, your own way: dance, sing, laugh, shout, cry, punch, kick, stretch, it’s your hour to be in your moment, in your power. You’ll leave feeling strong and exhilarated.


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Join us in this unique fusion of dance, workout and self-exploration.
It’s the best drug-free mood lifter you will find.

Fitness is just a side effect.




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