How often do you unplug for an hour?

I mean, not looking at your cell phone. Not staring at your computer. Unplugged from all devices.

I can tell you my answer to that question. Never.

And with that, almost always being overplugged, let’s say, comes a certain behavior. A certain idiotic, and I’m still talking about me here, I’m-paying-attention-to-everything-at-once-so-I-can’t-focus-on-anything behavior.

I told myself I would never be this person. Well, I am.

Unless I’m in a SOL Session.

I’m discovering so many reasons to love SOL. At last night’s session, I realized a big one. For that hour, I am completely, utterly, unplugged. I’m actually more ALONE than any other time in my life. Strange, isn’t it? To be alone in a room full of women. But with the lights out, I can’t see them and they can’t see me. And since I can’t even see myself, even my worst critic – the one who likes to pick me apart in the mirror at other fitness classes – shuts up.

Last night I felt my mind calm down and focus on the only thing it could. The music. I had no other thoughts than how good it felt to move my body to the beat. I shouted and laughed as I belly danced and twerked. I knew I looked good. And nobody, not even me, could see it to argue with me. And it was FUN.

This morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was reach for my iphone that sleeps next to me on the bedstand. It’s 6:15am. What’s happening world? I need to know. But for the first time in years, I put it back down. Gasp. I got up and went to my desk without it. I opened my computer and began to type without wifi. And I feel more focused and inspired than I have in a long time.

Well, I guess I better plug back in now. I mean, I have to. Client’s emails await. My cell will ring, my work day will begin and my brain will stretch a million different ways at once. But, at least I remember what it feels like now. In the hour of darkness at SOL, I get glimpses of who I was before I was so freakin’ plugged-in all the time. Calm. Relaxed. Spontaneous. Fun. Turns out I have to uplug me to recharge. I’m not going to fool myself and say that I won’t carry my cell phone, it’s already buzzing and binging as I type this, but I can say that I’m going to strive to get even bigger glimpses of that calm focus in the light of my day.

HOW DO YOU UNPLUG? I’d love to hear.

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