Time to Turn It Up?

Shannon Skipper SOL Dance Experience

Have you ever felt like you needed to tone it down to fit in? Have you ever felt the need to quiet your self or hide your true spirit and personality to be tolerated and accepted? Have you replayed conversations and regretted speaking your truth or being the real YOU? I feel ya. 

I may be “too much” for you, and that’s okay. I’ve always been afraid of people calling me a “show off”. Let’s be honest, I can be a little loud, overly-enthusiastic, energetic, goofy, impulsive, forgetful, self-centered and I tend to laugh and cry… A LOT! Sometimes my internal volume knob malfunctions and a person may feel the need to tell me to stop yelling. But it’s (usually) because I’m excited to be in their presence!

After many years of hard work, practicing stepping into my power and releasing the limiting beliefs that I’m not enough, I’m finally done stressing over other people’s opinions. I know in my heart and soul that I am exactly enough … exactly as I am.

And I’m here to tell you that you, too, are uniquely perfect exactly as you are. In fact, do you need to think about turning it up just a little? I mean, are you really owning your true authentic self and stepping into your unique power?

There’s no one quite like you. There’s no one quite like me. And, added bonus, being ourselves to the fullest attracts all the other powerful people doing the same!

Let’s let go of the need to be like someone else, stop comparing, apologizing and holding back. We’ve only got one life in this body, so let’s turn it up, let the music play, and dance our wild dances together!

XO Shannon

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