“Liberating, exhilarating, transformative — those are just a few words I would use to describe what SOL – Dancing in the Dark is for me. SOL provides an outlet for me to express myself through dance any way I want to without fear of judgment—including my own. Every Monday night, I look forward to that magical moment when the music comes on, the lights go out, and the energy in the room lifts us all up for an hour of stress release, empowerment, and lots of fun! By the end of the session, without even realizing it, I’ve also gotten a great workout doing something that I love to do. And the connections I’ve made with my beautiful SOL sisters are priceless. Their shining presence makes a wonderful experience even better.” – Lisa Bailey

“Kiss your inhibitions goodbye … Immediately, my arms flew up and my eyes adjusted to the un-need to close them. I had moves that made the angels blush. They probably covered their faces with their wings. It was great. I was alive and electric.” – Christina Jones Wade – Read more on her blog here: The Write Wade

“SOL dance will forever be one of my favorite, favorite experiences. Words cannot describe it. I’ve tried several other workout type classes but it’s just not the same. SOL’s an experience that comes from the heart. It’s a language that comes from within. Experience one class and you, too, will be fluent!” – Rebecca Powell

“Ok… I was really unsure… this was well outside my comfort zone, in fact I was shaking with nerves beforehand. I am a wee bit afraid of the dark, and my exercise of choice is my solitary hikes in the mountains or beach… but this year is a year of change, growth, stretching and being brave. And guess what?? I LOVED it!! I am absolutely THE best dancer when no one can see me!”- Leeanne M
“I can feel the darkness and the music wrapping itself around me, shielding me from judgment and self-doubt. For me SOL Dance Experience is a spiritual practice. It is moving meditation. But most of all it is a celebration of oneself.” – Javacia B.

” … Removed from time, from responsibilities, from thought, from everything except the spontaneous joy in moving my body in space. If you haven’t done this yet, get thee to Sol Dance!” – Cindy M.

“It was freedom!” – Jennifer K.

“Besides the amazing music selection, the other thing I loved about the class was that I could take a break any time I wanted and no one saw or judged. I get overheated pretty quickly and easily, so I took small breaks to catch my breath. I normally hate doing that in a class full of people because it’s so conspicuous. In this class, I could stop and let my feet or lungs rest any time I wanted and then get right back to it … NO ONE KNEW!” – Sherri R.


“I wanted to tell you that I am ecstatic that I came to the SOL class tonight. I posted on my face page that this was the best class that I have experienced in the 15 years I have lived here. Seriously, this  has been on my bucket list and I admit when the lights when down I was a bit nervous — but it was a huge release and so much fun … I am a huge believer in anything empowering-yoga, mediation, dance, writing etc. Yet, Ill be honest I still was searching for something more—-yoga and mediation have extremely helpful in address some of my own insecurities but this—this was HUGE for me….and I think your onto something great….” – Amy S.

“I’m just so thankful for SOL for understanding that dancing is necessary … We all need and deserve a place to be wholly ourselves. Goofy, sexy, silly, weird, beautiful, all of it. And in dancing in the night, we find strength and confidence to be and to love ourselves in the light …” Gina Y.

“When one dances in the dark you can give it all. Let go of angers, fears, hurt, frustration or just try some funky moves and be silly. BECAUSE no one sees!” – Jan J.

“I was a Nervous Nellie walking into a room full of strangers, not fully knowing what to expect … There is a new, unique way out there to relieve stress, both physically and mentally, and it’s called SOL.  I’m just grateful to have found it!” – Michelle H.