Setting Myself Free

Setting Myself Free

Shannon Skipper/ SOL Sister Monday nights writes:


Tonight was a night for letting a lot of things go. Tonight was about what I needed to be my best self, my true self. Tonight, I was able to set my demons free, release some stress and anxiety, set a little weight off of my shoulders, and send my body, mind and spirit into blissful exhaustion. My body was on fire at the end of the session and I had sweat pooling up in my eyes.

Throughout the hour, I felt the amazing energy in the room and all of the beautiful spirits lifting each other up. I let my voice do wild things in the dark. There’s something to be said for letting go not just physically, but also vibrationally. It’s magic.

I’m so grateful for this life changing practice. It brings out many parts of me like: My fierce and fearless inner goddess; my spunky, sparky, funky self; my pop-locking, twerking self; my Latin lover self; my inner disco-queen dripping with glitter; my soulful and spiritual self; my tribal, earthy, ancient self, my passionate and powerful bad ass self; my inner ballerina – poised and graceful; my forgotten childlike innocent self. The real me truly encompasses all of these vastly different aspects … and so much more.

This practice is not to be taken lightly. It is your duty to take hold of that which lies dormant within and bring it out to shine. Celebrate the now, celebrate your gifts, celebrate each other, and set yourself FREE with your dance!




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