SOL’s fun and it can be a great physical workout, but we’re discovering that there’s a lot more to dancing in the dark. I asked Lauren Rae Brown to meditate on what SOL means to her. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your personal gratitude list.


  • It lets me mess up,  start and stop, rest or gyrate, laugh or whoop, snap or clap, stomp or swirl, push it or sway along, giggle or cry, and focus on only me … for 52 minutes of my day, week, month, life.
  • It gives me a chance to practice being exactly who I want to be – NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Let that sink in … this is what FREEDOM feels like to me.
  • And a chance to manage the chaos of darkness, movement and self expression.
  • It’s an experience of darkness that feels safe.
  • It rounds out my fitness goals with joy and giggles.
  • It gives me a chance to practice my sweet dance moves – with NO AUDIENCE, NO OPINIONS, NO JUDGMENTS.
  • It gives me the license to join other women together in support and experience the power of our collective and individual selves!
  • It gives me an outlet to release tension stored in my body, emotions, mind and spirit.
  • It gives me that experience when my breath is heaving in my chest (awareness!).
  • It’s a valuable reset button in my life.
  • It gives me a cocktail of hormones that send me home flying high.
  • And an excuse to soak in a bath that evening. (because having an excuse sometimes makes it happen!)
  • It prompted an opportunity for me to be less hesitant to dance in public (even though no one else was! OMG).
  • It’s the work that tones the muscles of my legs, back and arms.
  • The lesson of listening to my body and its needs (again!).
  • It’s a wonderful weekly musical journey for me to explore that has introduced me to new songs and genres – both past & present.
  • It gives me an occasion to rock my favorite cat-face cropped tank – RAWR! – and twirl in my favorite heirloom skirt.
  • It’s a constant presence for my life – all I have to do is show up.
  • It gives me uplifting media gems in my various news feeds.
  • It has given me a feeling of connection to this community via social media and the SOL blog.

I think of gratitude as affirmation, of claiming any and all the good of any given moment. For me, the trick with affirmations is to come up with a statement that is both positive and conveys its presence in my life right now, in this moment, already. It’s the bright side to all of life’s chaos. It’s the journal by my bed and reminders on notes posted in places only I may see. Practicing gratitude is a habitual attitude. That means not sticking your head in the sand or looking the other way while stressful life stuff comes at you – it’s being in the moment and deciding that what is happening is GOOD and in perfect order.

I’ll be dancing it out with gratitude on Tuesdays this month. Join me!