• Is it really dark?  
    Yes. Total darkness. You may see a shadow here and there, but for the most part you’ll be immersed in darkness for the hour. You’ll feel safe. And you’ll feel the supportive energy of the SOL mates around you.


  • Won’t we bump into each other?
    Nope. We’ve got that worked out.


  • What is “free form” dancing?
    It is, very simply, dancing in your own way. No instruction, planned steps or moves. Most of the hour is without choreography, so no memorization, no expected form or sequence and nothing to distract your mind from how you want to move. Therefore, SOL is not a dance “class”, but a dance session. Halfway through the hour, there is a guided workout and the session will end with a simple dance routine. You can follow along, or not. No one can see you!


  • What kind of music do you play?
    Our music (the SOL MIX) is compiled mostly of current pop/dance hits with R&B, rock, hip-hop, Latin and world music thrown in and is different every week. The Mix is carefully curated to get your body moving in different ways, to a variety of beats, to evoke different results. *Please note that we play the music LOUD. If you are sensitive to loud music, you may want to consider bringing earplugs.


  • What does “SOL” stand for?
    Although the word SOL, pronounced “SOUL”, has several meanings – the latin name for the sun, a planetary astronomer’s term for the duration of a solar day on Mars, “Summer of Love” and, as some like to remind me, “Sh*t Out of Luck” (only if you don’t dance with us!) – our choice of word SOL refers to the Nordic Goddess of Light.


  • What do I wear?
    Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving your body in. This is a great workout and you’ll most likely work up a good sweat. A few notes: Don’t wear anything made out of glow in the dark or highly reflective material, as this may interfere with the darkness of the session. Most women dance in tennis shoes or bare feet. **Alabama: Please note that we have a “no shoe” policy at Monday’s session (at Villager Yoga), so plan to dance either barefoot or in grippy socks.


  • Is it a good workout?
    YES! Don’t underestimate the physical workout of dancing for an hour! It is important to HYDRATE before and after a SOL Session.


  • Should I eat before?
    We suggest not eating anything heavy for at least 2 hours prior to a session. And best to limit your alcohol consumption prior to a Session.


  • Is it for all fitness levels and ages?
    Your SOL Experience will be as strenuous as you want it to be. You’ll dance on your own and at your own risk. While the point is to dance without limits, we ask that you please keep in mind your own physical limitations and stay within what you know is safe for you. Due to the variety and nature of music, we have an age limit of 16+. We will consider a mature tween, if accompanied by an adult. Please message us to discuss.


  • Can’t I do this in my own living room?
    As long as your phone won’t ring, your dog won’t bark, you can get a hold of an empowering SOL music mix, your room is completely, totally dark, you won’t bump into anything, your kids won’t interrupt you and other women with amazing energy will join you for a magical, transformative hour – then, yes, you can.


  • Can I bring a friend?
    Yes! Or come alone. Due to the darkness, SOL is an individual experience, but you’ll want to share it with your best girlfriends.


  • How much does it cost?
    Your first session is only $5. Then, $10 drop-in or $40/5 Session card.


We dance, in the dark, for an hour. Sound strange? Scary? Uncomfortable? Fun?
That’s why you need to come! It really is the best hour you can give to yourself.


Any other questions? Contact us here.




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