Dear Fear

Dear Fear

Fear. It’s a real dream killer, isn’t it?
Fear strips the confidence right out of you and replaces it with judgment and anger and self-loathing. It tells you that you’re not good enough and makes sure that you act like it.
But, what if one day we didn’t let it?
What would happen if, for once in my life, I didn’t compare or criticize. What if I made myself vulnerable – my love, my hate, my raw, my ugly – and didn’t care what anyone said or did about it? What if I threw a soul party and no one came, would I survive?
I honestly don’t know because I’ve never tried. I’ve worked hard, gotten to the top, taken a quick look around, and then zipped myself back up tight in my fear and retreated back into a non-creative wasteland. Safe, warm and bored as hell.
How ridiculous. How sad. How achingly mortal.
But what if we smothered fear with faith and trusted that whatever happens, we’ll be okay? Better than okay. We’ll wear the shields of warriors – not fearless, but even better. Fear fighters. Fear facers. And in the mirror, we won’t see flaws and failure, we’ll see only the beautiful scars of strength and resilience.
I don’t know how to do it consistently yet, but I’m getting ready to be really good at it. I realize now that sometimes you have to fight ugly with ugly. Not so easy for people-pleasers like me, but I’m ready. The time is now. We need not, must not, lose another moment of our own brilliance to it.
My new mantra: dear fear, suck it. I’ve got my own scorched earth policy now.
Who’s with me?

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