A SOL Release

Shannon Andrews Skipper writes about her SOL experience –

A SOL Release

After SOL I’m completely exhausted yet exhilarated.

It feels incredible to let go, be wild and free and feel the effects of working this body. Dance is so expressive and unique and OH how one can express their light in the darkness.

I’m able to try new ways of moving my body without judgement from myself or others. I look around and cannot see what other women are doing but it doesn’t matter. We are in it together!

The energy of all the women in the room is amazing… inspiring and uplifting. I find myself laughing with joy when I hear other women expressing themselves and letting loose.

And I know it’s OK to go deeper within and find a little more stillness if that’s what my body calls for. Dancing in the dark allows a deeper connection with my body and my intuition.

Next time the power goes out at home… my instinct will be to DANCE!

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