4 Things You Can’t Do in a SOL Dance Session

4 Things You Can’t Do in a SOL Dance Session


  • Judge or criticize

When the lights go off, so does that nasty critical voice that can rob you of the freedom to be your best self. In the darkness, you’ll find it hard to judge yourself or anyone else.


  • Dwell in negative thoughts and feelings

Move your body – move your mind. If you want to stay in a mad/sad state, don’t come to SOL. Between the music, the enthusiasm of the women around you, the sweat you’ll work up and the endorphins that will rush in ~ your mood will change. And your negative thoughts will change with it.


  • NOT feel great about yourself when the lights come back on

You showed up for yourself. You gave yourself a gift. You paid attention and danced with yourself. You’re celebrating your mind and body. What’s better for your self-confidence than that?


  • Stand still for long

Just try it. I challenge you. Mind you, I use the term “dance” loosely to describe what I do as I channel Salt-N-Pepa (yes, both). However, it is virtually impossible to remain unmoving for the hour. Surrounded by the crackling, electric energy of other women and the blaring tunes, you’ll dance like you’ve never danced before ~ outside of your own living room.

*After the amazing Session I just experienced, I’m going to amend that last one. Although I do think it’s impossible to stand still for too long, tonight, I sat still for quite a while (a couple of songs). For the first time in SOL, I sat down, closed my eyes and just breathed. I inhaled the music, the energy around me, and the darkness. It quieted my mind. Exactly what I needed.

As an added bonus, after another great SOL Session, I’m also feeling grateful. Thank you to the great women, my SOL Mates, who showed up to dance last night. You are brave, adventurous and inspiring.



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