The Benefits of SOL

20 Apr

A woman told me recently that she really wanted to come to SOL more often, but it made her feel guilty because she didn’t usually go out by herself in the evenings to have fun. First, let me say, I think we underestimate the benefits of fun. It depends on your definition of “fun”, of […]

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Dear Fear

26 Feb

Fear. It’s a real dream killer, isn’t it?     Fear strips the confidence right out of you and replaces it with judgment and anger and self-loathing. It tells you that you’re not good enough and makes sure that you act like it.     But, what if one day we didn’t let it?   […]

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Setting Myself Free

26 Sep

Shannon Skipper/ SOL Sister Monday nights writes:   Tonight was a night for letting a lot of things go. Tonight was about what I needed to be my best self, my true self. Tonight, I was able to set my demons free, release some stress and anxiety, set a little weight off of my shoulders, […]

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A Poem: The Invitation

19 Jun

This incredible poem, by Oriah, has been around for almost a decade. It has come into my life many times, hitting me a different way each time. Never has it been more powerful and relevant than today when, for the first time, I read it as myself asking these questions of myself, rather than asking […]

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